Cover Guy | Dwayne Johnson

13 06 2008

Anything can happen in Hollywood — just ask the artist formerly known as The Rock. Building on success in ”The Game Plan” with an upcoming role in ”Get Smart,” Dwayne Johnson is making a serious run at the A-list as a family-friendly leading man.

In his latest film, Johnson is the sexy, suave Agent 23 who is the mentor to the very straight arrow Agent 86, (Steve Carell) – while competing for the affections of Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway). Since he left the world of wrestling, Johnson “formerly known as “The Rock” has tried to find his place in Hollywood. Although he has enjoyed modest success in films such as “The Mummy,” “The Scorpion King,” “Walking Tall,” “Gridiron Gang” and “Be Cool,” Johnson finally found a formula that spoke to him when he starred in “The Game Plan.”

Playing the role of a playa starting quarterback who suddenly must switch gears playing Mr. Mom to raise a child brought in $91 million at the box office and very important studio ally in Disney. ”I put so much into “The Game Plan” thinking, This has to work,” he says. ”I thought, not only does this formula speak to me, I also loved the idea of becoming partners with the brand and culture of Disney.”

Finally people are starting to smell what The Rock Johnson is cooking!

“Get Smart” opens nationwide June 20.




One response

15 04 2009

man i tell you what dwayne johnson is just about the finest looking african american man i have ever seen next to the other african american men out there i can not get over that gorgeous sexy muscular body he has as a former wrestler i wish he was still competing he looks so handsome without his shirt on i just can not take my eyes off him when he was competing i just love that sweet handsome gorgeous style of a hair cut he has even i have that style myself those teeth of his are to die for sparkly white and absolutely straight and that sexy smile of his to absolutely die for also he is just a gorgeous handsome man

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