Hot Trax | Could You Be Loved

12 06 2008

The FilmGordon Summer Concert series continues with another summer classic from none other than ROBERT NESTA MARLEY, the ever-funky, lock swinging jam, “Could You Be Loved.”

Written on an airplane in 1979 in which The Wailers were experimenting on guitar, the group eventually came up with “Could You Be Loved.” Released in 1980, the song found Marley & the Wailers at their creative apex. Unfortunately, Marley would die from cancer the following year.

But his mighty music and his movement continue to live on.

P.S. Last week after nine years, I cut my locks and a small part of me feels like I have lost a little bit of my Afro-Caribbean heritage and identification. I understand that it ultimately is just hair, but for me my “lion’s mane” was more than that.

This is for all of the brothers and sisters around the world who continue to wear their locks proudly – keep fighting the good fight and hopefully one day I too can come from the wilderness to join you once again!




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