Hot Trax | Summer Madness (Live)

11 06 2008

As a rule, we only feature songs that are hot and current for you to check out but we just couldn’t help ourselves. With the more than half of the country embroiled in a oppressive heatwave, we figured it was time for some true “Summer Madness.”

From Kool & The Gang’s “Light of the Worlds” album, “Summer Madness” was an immediate hit. This live version was recorded at Chicago’s House of Blues in 2000 and at the time it was their most spiritual and sophisticated work to date, produced in the wake of the success of their previous album, “Wild and Peaceful.” While it was their seventh album of new material, the Gang considered “Light of the Worlds” their ninth LP (counting two compilations), and therefore consciously chose nine songs for the album, to represent the nine planets in the solar system. The album contains rock-inspired funk set to jazz-informed playing with afrobeat influences and a tinge of analog synthesizing. The album’s highlight, “Summer Madness” incorporates smooth melodies and a mesmerizing synthesizer.

It also was one of the group’s final jazz singles before they switched to disco. What made the song so special is that if you sit outside on a truly hot day, listen to this song and close your eyes and really relax and focus, I almost swear that you could feel the heat rise from the pavement!

Truly one of the all-time classic summer songs.




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13 06 2008
Hot Trax - Could You Be Loved « FilmGordon

[…] The FilmGordon Summer Concert series continues with another summer classic from none other than ROBERT NESTA MARLEY, the ever-funky, lock swinging jam, “Could You Be Loved.” […]

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