Hot Trax | Black President

6 06 2008

A new leaked track from Hip-hop icon and poet, Nas’ upcoming album hit the web yesterday and not only is it inspirational and uplifting, it features a hook from the late Tupac Shakur and voice of the candidate himself – Senator Barack Obama.

The track entitled, “Black President” is Nas’ view of Senator Obama’s candidacy. Over a funky hip-hop track Shakur barks, “Although it almost seems heaven sent / we ain’t ready to have Black President.” But Nas counters with the assertion in his hook, “yes we can / change the world!”

Talking about African-American’s fear of Senator Obama’s safety, touching on Jermiah Wright and envisioning an Obama presidency, Nas shows that his art is reflective and piercingly honest.

While many rappers talk about hustling and pursuing the material things in life, it is refreshing to see one of the anchors of the game consistently continue to expand the boundaries of the music while creating music to make his audience think and reflect.

Nas’ self-titled CD drops in July.




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