WTF! | Tyra Banks

29 05 2008

In the ’80s, Keith Sweat once sang, “something, something, something, something just ain’t right!” I don’t know if he was psychic but it clearly appears that he could have been singing about this latest picture featuring “Baby Oprah” herself, Tyra Banks.

Featuring “mega” hair, sans makeup and sporting a look that screams “I don’t REALLY want to do this,” Banks is gracing the cover of The New York Times Magazine. Comparing Baby O to Martha Stewart and Winfrey, the magazine asks the probing question, “is she the next big female branded self?”

Maybe, but I do know that she is the current weavy weave champ!

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2 responses

2 06 2008
Nell Minow

I am a huge Tyra fan — she is focused and completely authentic. I think she will be bigger than Martha and Oprah because she creates content like “America’s Next Top Model” that can be franchised into other markets and because, as this article says, she connects to a younger audience than Martha and Oprah. Bankable indeed!

21 06 2008
Tyra Wins Her First Emmy! « FilmGordon

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