Trailer Park | The Fall

29 05 2008

For anyone who remembers the beauty and visual splendor of the Spanish fantasy film, “Pan’s Labyrinth,” director Tarsem Singh (“The Cell”) creates a stunning colorful masterpiece with his latest work, “The Fall.”

“Pushing Daisies” star Lee Pace is bedridden hospital patient who befriends a young patient, Alexandria (The movie’s story centers around Roy Walker, a bedridden man in a hospital who befriends a fellow patient, a young girl called Alexandria (Catinca Untaru) and begins telling her a vivid, fantastical story of exotic lands. The trailer names a group of five heroes: an Indian, an ex-slave, an explosive expert, a masked bandit and, in a bit of revisionist history, famed evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin. They unite to fight a common enemy, Governor Odious, the “bad man.”

Featuring sprawling locations and amazing costumes and fairytale ambiance, “The Fall” is one of the year’s most creative and original looking films. While many will be occupied with some of the bigger films of the summer season, the dirty little secret is that if originality is what you value over major stars and special effects it is the smaller more intimate films such as “The Fall” that are really worth your money.

Trailer: A




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