Trailer Park | Standard Operating Procedure

29 05 2008

I can’t remember another presidential administration and its renegade policies getting as much cinematic hate as the Bush administration. Beginning with Fahrenheit 9/11 as well as the soon to be released “War, Inc.” the bad judgement and atrocities continue . . . and we can’t get enough!

The latest film to shine a light on bad Bush policies is searing documentary, “Standard Operating Procedure.” Directed by Erroll Morris, “SOP” tells the story of the soldiers who were assigned to help “soften” up Iraqi prisoners in the Abu Ghraib facility in Iraq.

Instead of a few of the horrifying photos, Morris shows all of them in their hideous and disgusting detail. In addition to the pictures, he also secured interviews with the majority of the participants and we hear that the film is absolutely riveting!

Grade: A




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