Trailer Park | Righteous Kill

29 05 2008

Two Oscar winners and screen legends, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino team up for the first time to track down a serial killer hunting down cops in “Righteous Kill.”

Although the two appeared in “The Godfather 2,” they shared no scenes together. They briefly shared screen time in Michael Mann’s crime classic, “Heat.” But this will be the first time that the two close friends will co-star together in a film. Earlier this year, Jet Li and Jackie Chan made their first film together in the lackluster “The Forbidden Kingdom,” here’s hoping that “Righteous Kill” will do much better for the two screen legends.

Between them they have been responsible for some of the most iconic films of the last 30 years. In addition to “The Godfather I, II and III, Pacino has also garnered critical acclaim for “Dog Day Afternoon,” “Serpico,” “Scarface,” “Donnie Brasco,” “Carlito’s Way” and “Scent of A Woman,” which finally won him an Oscar.

Meanwhile his friend De Niro has built up his own impressive list of credits that include “Mean Streets,” “Taxi Driver,” “The Deer Hunter,” “Raging Bull,” “The Untouchables,” “Goodfellas,” “A Bronx Tale,” “Meet the Parents” and “Analyze This.” Both actors are considered to be among the greatest of their generation.

But again, Pacino also toplined the dreadful “88 Minutes” and De Niro once starred in “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle” so you never know!




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