Reel Shorts | Sex and the City

29 05 2008

Like sliding on a pair of comfortable Manolo’s, our fantastic fashionable four easily return to the roles that made them all famous in breezy second series finale dishing about friendship, love and “Sex and the City.”

When we last saw Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), her life and those of her three best friends Samantha (Kim Catrall), Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) were all living happily ever after. Fast forward three years and life has begun to separate the good friends. Carrie and Mr. Big (Chris Noth) are still going strong with overtures of solidifying their already solid relationship. On the other side of town, Charlotte has now adopted a baby girl and can’t believe her good fortune that she truly feels like she has it all. Out in Brooklyn, Miranda is struggling to juggle her parental responsibilities with her work – and having enough energy for her husband Steve (David Eigenberg). While on the West Coast, Samantha is missing her friends, her city and pining for some sexual healing from Smith (Jason Lewis).

Nothing brings friends together like celebration and tragedy and with the announcement of Carrie’s impending wedding, the friends reassemble for a fun weekend helping her pack up her old apartment preparing for her new life and place with Big. While she is happy that after ten years they will marry, Big is having second thoughts. His cold feet will force Carrie into a deep dark depression and only by drawing strength from her friends will she able to shake her “Mexicoma.” Another member of their circle will also find out that her spouse is cheating forcing the friends to reassess the men in their lives, their relationships and reestablishing their personal identities.

Love is lost, relationships die and a new life invigorates them all. Before all is said and done, the quartet will seek the answer to the age old question, “is it possible to have it all?”

This love letter to high fashion and New York City, the film’s strength is that they were able to not only reassemble the entire cast but the production team as well. Written and directed by Michael Patrick King, the movie feels like an additional extended finale, which works seamlessly with the tone and look of the HBO series. After a brief absence, the cast smoothly picks right up from where the show left off even adding a new character, Louise (Jennifer Hudson) who helps Carrie get her life back on track after a traumatic life event. King’s screenplay ties up every loose end, including Hudson’s, so convincingly that the story has a major conundrum – it may be hugely successful and NOT spawn a sequel. There simply aren’t many story lines left to explore.

The shows’ trademark balancing act of humor and heavy drama are as present in this film as they were in the series. Each character has space to emote – and laugh at themselves and each other in this film that will hit a home run for fans of the series. Not since “Waiting To Exhale” has a group of girlfriends and their struggles made legions of women care on the big screen. No matter come what may for Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha it always was, is and will be all about love – and some sexy fashion accessories!

Grade: A-




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3 06 2008
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