Reel Shorts | Made of Honor

2 05 2008

It is really saying something when your new movie reminds EVERYONE of a movie from 11 years ago that explored nearly identical territory – and did it much better than the soon to be demolished, “Made of Honor.”

This updated version of Julia Roberts’ hit film, “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” finds Patrick Dempsey as Tom, a self-obsessed, rules-oriented playa playa whose encounter with a college student, Hannah (Michelle Monaghan) on Halloween changes his life. When she doesn’t give into him, the two become inseperable best friends. While Tom shares his strict “dating rules” with Hannah, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where this film is going . . . and that’s the problem.

Initially, the roots of his behavior are somewhat mysterious but become much clearer when the young friends attend attend the seventh wedding of Tom’s father (Sydney Pollack), who holds up the proceeding to finalize the details of his detailed pre-nup. While Tom may be clueless about Hannah’s feelings about him, it still doesn’t register even when she gives him obvious clues during an intimate moment.

But he has a change of heart when Hannah goes to Scotland for six weeks. Unable to hang out with her and missing her companionship, the light bulb comes on for Tom who decides that will express his feelings once she returns. Unfortunately for him, Hannah has some news of her own introducing Tom to her fiancee, Colin (Kevin McKidd). Not only are the two engaged to be married, but the wedding is happening in a short amount of time. Hannah needs one favor from her best friend – to serve as her “Made of Honor.”

Our beleaguered hero decides with a group of his friends led by Felix (Kadeem Hardison) that they will help him win her heart. But Colin is not just a regular guy, he’s rich, strong, athletic – and royalty. While Tom is trying to scale Mt. Colin to get his woman, he must also deal with betrayal from a former ex, Melissa (Busy Philipps) who sabotages Hannah’s bachelorette party. When Tom discovers that he has let his best friend down he decides to put his competitive spirit to the side and be the best maid of honor that he can be for her.

For fans of “Grey’s Anatomy,” the site of Dempsey going through love machinations is commonplace. Playing to his base audience in a familiar performance should work well for his female fans, but this film breaks no new ground. The story is so predictable that within ten minutes you already know how it will end, it’s just a matter of how long it takes and what route the filmmakers will take to get us there.

Where Roberts and Everett were charming in “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” Dempsey comes off as dense. How he can be such a ladies man and not be able to read the signs is probably more a device of a bad script instead of a deficiency in Dempsey’s performance. Monaghan tries her best but there’s only so much she can do waiting for the clueless boob who is her friend to figure out what EVERYBODY else in the theater already knows.

The film’s outcome is not important, but once again Hollywood rears it’s ugly unimaginative head using a premise that is nearly identical to another popular film. Perhaps if “Made of Honor” could have raised the bar instead of dragging it on the ground it would have made for a more “honorable” endeavor.

Grade: C-




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4 05 2008
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[…] identical territory – and did it much better than the soon to be demolished, ???Made of Honor.??? Tom&39s Movie Reviews Video PodcastVideo podcast reviews of popular movies, done only as […]

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