Trailer Park | Zombie Strippers

17 04 2008

Just when you thought that Hollywood had reached the absolute bottom of the cinematic creative bucket comes the meshing of sex and horror in the upcoming film, “Zombie Strippers.”

Starring porn star Jenna Jamieson and “Nightmare on Elm Street” star Robert Englund, this campy, low-budget “From Dawn to Dusk”-esque “experience” send out a message to men that strip clubs are really dangerous places to be!


“Zombie Strippers” opens in theaters April 25th.

Trailer grade: D+




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9 01 2009
The Worst Eleven Films of 2008 « FilmGordon

[…] Zombie Strippers Now here is a true un-memorable experience if there ever was one. When a government experiment seeks to make the perfect soldier as a zombie, soon an ex-soldier infects a group of strippers who manage to devour not just their audiences tips, but everything else in their path. Starring the duck-billed adult star, Jenna Jameson, the movie felt like a porn movie without the sex! With production values that gave the film a feel it was made in our basement, outside of Jameson, one wonders how this stanky, dumb strip story ever made it to the big screen. […]

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