Best Movie Openings | Do the Right Thing (1989)

28 03 2008

Spike Lee makes our list once again with his high energy, pulsating opening for his Oscar-nominated film, “Do The Right Thing.”

In a film that was all about attitude, then newcomer Rosie Perez exhibited much of it in this thumping, pumping dance opening. With Chuck D, Flava Flav and Public Enemy screaming “Fight the Power,” Perez bathed in fiery red light shakes, shimmies and scowls – but she sho’ is funky! Her dance creates the tension in the film long before Radio Raheem and Sal go at it later in the film

Much like a time capsule, “Do the Right Thing” will forever stand as just the right film made and released at the right time that positively DID the right thing.




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