Cover Girl | Angel Fershgenet

25 03 2008

Trinidadian and Ethiopian hip-hop model Angel Fershgenet updates one of the top-selling photos of World War II as she takes on the late actress Betty Grable’s iconic pose in this month’s Vibe Magazine.

Grable’s bathing suit photo became the number-one pin-up girl of the World War II era. Years later in an interview, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner says it was his inspiration for creating his magazine.

Meanwhile in the issue, DC native Fershgenet admits to being a serious speed demon. “I’m a reckless driver. I’ve had three traffic warrants in three different states since I’ve been driving [laughs],” says sexy beauty. “The fastest I’ve driven is 130 mph, and I think it was a Dodge Charger. I love speeding and cars. I get a serious rush. It’s ridiculous.”

No Angel, what’s ridiculous is that if Grable’s pose is considered iconic, what do we make of YOUR photo?

That my friends is truly displaying your “ass-ets!”

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10 responses

15 09 2008

wow very nice

12 02 2009

come on Grable’s pose was classic and iconic this is not even a good take off – she looks like a hooker – look how her legs and arms are so different. She’s pushing her hips and ass out while Grable’s tucked in hiding herself and peeking over her shoulder.

17 02 2009

gabby doesn’t have an ass to stick out and i think angel lola luv did and amazing job get over it. i bet you if it wa some white chick that did you wouldn’t be complaning.

12 03 2009
Black Jack Johnson

a hooker? wow. well sorry if Black women are sexier than false modesty would allow. that’s a perfect pinup, appropriate to the times. push in angel’s buttom to make it “classic?” how? and for what purpose?

4 04 2009
henok k

hi there iam hennok you are good looking hot sexy girl .may i f%$k you once?

29 04 2009

She does look like a stripper not a hooker but, she’s not modest and yeah I think they should have made it a little less trashy this picture is really an insult to pin-ups.

29 04 2009

why does it always have to be about race? seriously? get over it, betty grable looks better shut up.

27 08 2009

She looks absolutely Slutty in this picture. It has nothing to do with ethnicity. Why the f*ck do we have to see your side tit and half of your ass cheeks in order for you to be portrayed as sexy? Modesty and class, a lost trait among many women today. And she’s West indian/Caribbean? Cover that sh*t up. and stop making us look bad. I agree with TattoQueen. This is an absolute insult to pin-ups and classy women who look sexy without showing off their ass-ets. Unless Jag off material was what you were aiming for. Oh, and shoot the photographer in the face too. This makes me so angry, I’m tired of seeing sh*t like this, and if you take a look @ the media today this is only a taste of it. The only thing I see thats good about this photograph is the lighting.

21 06 2010

well duhh its the same as paris hilton trying to be like Audrey hepburn it looks trashy and this one does too especially the outfit

9 09 2011

I like the older version much better.

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