Reel Shorts | Shutter

21 03 2008

When a vindictive spirits haunts a a newlywed couple in Japan, the only thing one can do in this laughingly-bad horror film remake is “Shutter.”

Newlyweds Ben (Joshua Jackson) and Jane (Rachael Taylor) are awash in wedding bliss and traveling to Japan for a promising job opportunity. Driving late at night, Jane unexpectedly hits and runs over a mysterious Japanese woman, that just happened to come out of nowhere (just like in “Gothika”). Panicked and scared, Jane tries to enjoy the rest of her trip.

As if!

Soon, the mysterious spirit begins popping up everywhere, first in photos and then on the subway, office buildings, you name it. Ben also sees the spirit and clearly knows more than he lets on. While Jane tries to make sense of what’s happening, her husband seems just a little too comfortable and familiar with the spirit. Hmmm! What does the mysterious spirit want? As the film begins to evolve, the answer to the complicated question begins to come into focus.

The film, a remake of the 2004 Thai version, presents yet another movie husband who instead of coming clean to save his wife, decides to hide the true motives of the uninvited guest. Featuring bad pacing, uneven logic and an incredibly bad ending, one has to “Shutter” at the thought of sitting through this film that ultimately is one big pain in the neck.

Grade: D




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