Hollywood’s 6 Favorite Offensive Stereotypes

20 03 2008

For years, we’ve railed against a Hollywood stereotypical staple – “The Mighty Whitey” film. You know the story where a liberal-minded White person comes in and helps gives a better life and new way of thinking to a group of minorities. With that in mind, we introduce Hollywood’s 6 Favorite Offensive Stereotypes.

In the Mighty Whitey stories, there are always some new creative way to reach the students, a funky soundtrack and an uncoordinated teacher who must party with the students at the end of the film. Movies such as “Renaissance Man,” “Dangerous Minds,” “Cry Freedom,” “Freedom Writers,” “Mississippi Burning” and “Glory Road” would qualify as such films. Hollywood’s not-so-subtle message in these films is that there but for the grace of God (and a noble White person) these poor, uneducated African/Hispanic/Asian-Americans would surely perish!

The genre works so well that you can even substitute the White lead and put in a Black lead (“Lean on Me”) or Hispanic lead (“Take the Lead”).

But while people think of Hollywood as the most liberal place in the known universe, but really that only goes as far as the drugs and orgies are concerned. When it comes to minorities, Hollywood still seems to have a few shamefully corny and simplistic roles in mind. Here’s the six Hollywood stereotypes that can’t die soon enough:

The Magic Negro
The Gay/Effeminate Psychopath
The Latina Maid
The Mighty Non-Whitey
The Wise, Old, Asian A–hole
The Cowardly/Incompetent Black Sidekick

To read the entire article, click here.

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