Eye Candy | More Nicole “Coco” Marrow

20 03 2008

Last month, we unleashed the “a– that roared” and our site visitors went CRAZY! We’ve dug through our archives to give you another glimpse of the bodacious funk that is Nicole “Coco” Marrow’s legendary backside.

Standing 5’2″ and with the staggering dimensions of 39-22-40, Coco is a whole lot of woman! The wife of Hip Hop Honor honoree gangsta rapper Ice-T, Marrow has carved out a successful career as an entrepreneur selling something that EVERYONE can relate to – sex.

“I just use it to my advantage,” says Marrow in an old interview with HipHopDX.com. “I know that sex sells and if I am portraying the sex symbol, why not use it to my will. People have their cars and they use that for what it’s worth. I am 28-years-old and I know that I’m not a young model like I was when I was 18. I’m taking the risk of being a business model-slash-sex symbol. I can get away with it and make more money doing it. Sex is selling the most, so why not do it?! I’m just going to continue to be as humble as I can be.”

For some reason, men (and women too for that matter) just can’t get enough of Coco’s “ass-ets.”

To see more pictures of “Coco’s Puff,” click here.




14 responses

20 03 2008
Prince Albert

Will she stop it!!!!!

7 11 2008
matheus araujo foshi

ei gata quer transar comigo diz que sim

15 12 2008
Mikey McFly

Naw yo, she can’t come in the building, i dont even find her physically attractive because everything looks about as a real as a 7 dollar bill

4 01 2009

i love you ich wohnw in kosovo prizren love ich liebe dich

11 01 2009

hey all i wanna say is to f^&k this babe all the way she’s f^&kin sexy
i wanna f^%k her for 4 hours

12 02 2009

It’s sad how people hate on this woman because of how she’s built and how she looks. Having thick, sexy legs and a nice booty is not the exclusive domain of Black women. She’s sexy as hell, so get over it!

18 02 2009

Contact xoxophoto.com for some good retouching…

28 02 2009

White Woman’s Great White Hype….nasty broad…Ice-T talked about pimping black women and turned around and married a white Bitch!

4 04 2009

super laseczka

9 06 2009

you are piutefl

16 06 2009


22 06 2009
thamer sayed

varey bodey

2 07 2009
red dog

i wanna bang her in the a**!

15 06 2011

Coco is not original built like that. I know that because I saw her for the first time when Ice-T came to Wayne State University as a guest speaker in 2002. The Ice Man put money into her a** and boobs to make her and him some money.

They have a pimp and hoe relationship. Recently, Coco stated on the VIEW that women is hating on her because SHE has a man (so-called man). I am assuming she is talking about black women. Ice-T spoke at the university using the most degraded street language amongst teenagers and their parents. Some people were highly offended. He even used the word “p*ssy several times in his lecture.

As a black woman, I have a man. However, I would rather be by myself rather to have a so-call man to train me as his B*tch!

When it come to shapes and sizes, Black women rule the world!

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