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10 03 2008

In the middle of the political fight of his life, Senator Barack Obama gets some love from Rolling Stone magazine this week as he is being hailed as “A New Hope.”

Senator Obama, for the most part, has run a dignified, hard fought campaign that has energized his party like no other candidate in the past forty years. Despite winning twice as many states, more popular votes and more pledged delegates than his Democratic rival Senator Hillary Clinton, her campaign insists that she is more experienced and qualified to lead this country over Senator Obama.

For the first time in political history, the candidate that is trailing is now sending out stating in the media that they would be willing to offer the VP slot to the candidate leading in the polls. Saying he has “no interest in being a VP,” Senator Obama with his win in Wyoming over the weekend and favored in the Mississippi primary tomorrow night, is closing in on trying to capture enough pledged delegates to make it harder for his enemies to deny him the nomination.

Remember that Senator Obama is up against a rival that will do anything, we do mean ANYTHING to make her case to the party that although she is trailing in everthing, including money raised that she not Obama can win the “big” states.” Nevermind that many of the states that Clinton won typically are “red states” (the same for Obama), but the big difference is that as a polarizing figure, it is hard to see Clinton securing those states in November, but Senator Obama has shown that he is strong with independents and moderate Republicans.

With Florida and Michigan still to be worked out and a huge contest looming in the Keystone State next month, Senator Obama still has plenty to do to try to close out one of the most contested primaries in recent memory. He has to get stronger on the economy and figure out a way to cut into Senator Clinton’s “blue-collar” base. He also has to be on guard against any attacks from Senator Clinton’s campaign which are sure to come close to the Pennsylvania primary.

Can Senator Obama close the deal? We’ll find out in the next five weeks!

Yes We Can!




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10 03 2008
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2 06 2008

Thank Rolling Stones Magazines, This is one of the best lay out I seen of Senator Obama. This saying and lay out really do him justice.

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