Hot Trax | We Are The Ones

4 03 2008

On the eve of the primary that could possibly deliver a fatal blow to the campaign of Senator Hillary Clinton, former Black Eye Peas’ frontman has written another song in support of Senator Barack Obama entitled, “We Are The Ones.”

Featuring an all-star cast of young actors including Kerry Washington, Jessica Alba, Regina King, John Leguizamo, Tichina Arnold, George Lopez, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Macy Gray and Tyrese, the entertainers talk about their support for Obama as well as each sharing their vision for the future of America. With a refrain of “O-BA-MA! O-BA-MA!” sung by the group, this latest video is a perfect compliment to the Senator’s message of hope and change for the direction of this great nation.

Based on a line in a past Obama speech, “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for,” the song is a follow-up to’s inspirational video “Yes We Can,” a viral sensation that has garnered more than 5 million hits on alone.

Washington, who’s in Texas campaigning for Obama, said she got involved in the “We Are The Ones” video after some fellow volunteers alerted her to the video shoot. She said she’s already gotten dozens of phone calls since the clip debuted Friday on’s As far as whether it will bring more people to the polls tomorrow for Obama, Washington said “it’s a hard thing to quantify.’ “But … it’s evidence of how inspired the nation has become,” she said. “The arts have always been a place where people express their dreams and hopes. … What’s happening is people are seeing their own excitement reflected in a national forum, and it sort of increases that excitement exponentially.”

His critics say that his rhetoric are just “words.” They are just that but they are words that inspire all Americans to strive for greatness!





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