Conversation with . . . Tasha Smith

29 02 2008

Filmmaker Tyler Perry’s films revolve around two constants elements, love and actress Tasha Smith. While the first is universal, Smith has a built in advantage – she’s an actress and a coach.

Tasha Smith is a larger than life actress who brings an endearing combination of chemistry, raw intensity, vulnerability and sheer sensuality to every character she portrays on the big screen.

In other words, she’s a consummate thespian who is just loved by the camera. And her memorable performances in two Tyler Perry pictures last year, “Why Did I Get Married” and “Daddy’s Little Girls,” led this critic to name her the best African-American actress of 2007 in my annual film Blacktrospective.

Previously, the beguiling beauty has played a wide range of roles in such feature films as “ATL,” “The Good Mother” and “The Whole Ten Yards.”

Tasha is also well-known for her critically-acclaimed portrayal of the drug-addicted Ronnie Boyce in HBO’s Emmy Award-winning mini-series, “The Corner,” directed by Charles S. Dutton.

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3 responses

3 03 2009
Dave Whigham

I read your Bio, and it was amazing and very interesting. Keep doing the great work that you do.

31 03 2009

Hey whats up? I think that you are an amazing actress. I especially loved your roll in Tyler Perry’s movie “Why did I get Married”. Also the movie “Daddy’s Little Girls”. But I liked you the most when you were in Why did I get married movie. You were funny as heck. Soon I hope to be an actress and i want to learn from the best. And when you were in Daddy’s Little Girl’s movie you were an evil mother and I dont like evil people. lol Yeah i know that you are suppose to act that way. But i hope that you email me back as soon as you get the chance and I KNOW HOW BUSY YOU ARE.

29 04 2010
Deborah Battistw

Tasha, I love you, Girl, you are such a great actress. You are so real. I watched ” Why did I get Married too,” several times just to see your part. I laughed so hard over, over, and over again. You are amazing.

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