WTF! | More Flava Flav

28 02 2008

You know at the beginning it was mildly amusing, but people it has gotten out of hand. Somebody, anybody needs to grab Flava Flav and check him to bad fashion and poor taste rehab!

The CEO of Jigaboo U is at it again wearing one of the craziest ensemble we’ve seen in a while. Why must Flav always have to take it to the next level? Is it really necessary to rock the fur hat with the ear? We know the clock is your trademark look, but damn dude isn’t about time for you to transition to something else? You been rocking that clock since the Bush Administration – the one in 1988!

Before we can forget, we know you gettin’ paper for acting a damn fool on “Flava of Love.” Thank God its the last season.




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