Conversation with . . . Andre Benjamin

28 02 2008

There’s no doubt that Andre Benjamin, dressed in jeans, a button-down shirt underneath a vest and a sweater draped over his shoulders, is one of the top celebrity style icons of this century.

He’s totally smooth. But in “Semi-Pro,” a Will Ferrell comedy set in the ‘70s about a hapless basketball team in Flint, Mich., Benjamin redefines smooth with his huge afro, bell-bottoms and platform shoes. And you know what? He still looks good!

Benjamin, who rose to fame in the music industry as one-half of Outkast, has been making his mark on the silver screen for the past few years, too. In “Semi-Pro,” which hits theaters on Friday, he plays a basketball player with an ego bigger than the arena he plays in. Benjamin talked about his skills on the court, making movies and music.

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28 02 2008
Platform Shoes » Conversations with . . . Andre Benjamin

[…] unknownnHBut in “Semi-Pro,” a Will Ferrell comedy sequential in the ‘70s most a contemptible climb gather in Flint, Mich., man redefines smooth with his Brobdingnagian afro, bell-bottoms and papers shoes. And you participate what? He assist looks good! … […]

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