Conversation with . . . Vivica A. Fox

22 02 2008

With as much that has been talked about or blogged about when it comes to Vivica A. Fox, the part that’s missing in these conversations is how much of a hard working actress/ businesswoman she is.

Outside of her personal business, when it comes to work, she’s gives it her all. While every actress Black and White is out fighting to get those plum roles, Ms. Fox has been there and done that and while she continues to go for some key roles, she’s also giving others a chance to shine while capitalizing on the business as well. In the last few years, not only her career has reached a higher lever with the “Kill Bill” franchise that brought her international stardom, but Quentin Tarantino also introduced her to the world of the DVD market where she has produced sequels out or “Motives” and more recently “Three Can Play That Game.” Besides the film industry, Fox has also dabbled in the TV world every so often; recently earning an NAACP image nomination for her role opposite Larry David in “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Coming up Ms. Fox is a supporting role in ‘Cover’, a film directed by Bill Duke dealing with gay issues and the strain it has on a family. It’s about a young woman (Aunjanue Ellis) who comes from Atlanta with her daughter and husband and they come to LA and he’s a young doctor. He has his own practice and she helps him. She’s a Christian woman and after a certain point, the practice grows beyond their wildest dreams. They move to the Palisades and have a great house and in the middle of this, she finds out that her husband just viciously betrayed her. The story is how she deals with it and her redemption and also his redemption. It’s also a murder mystery and who killed a certain person. It’s very Hitchcockian style-wise. As the story goes along, she tells her story in a police station and we go back and forth between interrogation and the real story that happen.

Also featured in the film are Aunjanue Ellis, Razaaq Adoti, Lou Gossett Jr., Richard Gant, Patti LaBelle, Leon, Mya Harrison, Paula Jai Parker, Roger Gueneveur Smith, Victoria Platt Tilford, and Clayton Prince.

Ms. Fox talks about her attracting for doing “Cover,” bringing back the character Shante Smith for “Three Can Play That Game,” and her upcoming film with Jessica Simpson in “Major Movie Star.”

To read the entire interview, click here.




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