Reel Shorts | The Signal

21 02 2008

Have you ever taste or eaten something that you discovered immediately tasted bad and you spit it out? Try and repeat that process for 95 minutes and you’ll begin to scratch the surface on just how bad, “The Signal” is.

From the opening frame, which resembles a 1970s low-budget slasher film through the final frame, “The Signal” is an unmitigated horror disaster. When all the television and phone transmissions are replaced by a loud shrieking non-audible sound, initially everyone feels inconvenienced until suddenly passive people begin killing one another on New Year’s Eve.

Filled with a cast of unknown, the movie revolves around a cheating wife, a jealous husband and a string of gulliable throwaway characters who try to make the most out a miss-mash of a script. Divided into three parts (called “transmissions”), the goal is to give the audience the impression not to believe everything they see (if only it was that easy). For a film reportedly with a $5 million budget, “The Signal” is the most bare-boned, frugal looking productions in recent memory. None of that money is up on the screen.

One of the film’s big problems is suddenly during the second transmission, the film takes on lighter, humorous tone that is initially amusing but has no place in this bloody spectacle. So strong was my desire to walk out on the film, I begin to develop a headache as I submerged my feelings.

In my many years of watching movies, I have truly seen my share of very bad movies most notably “Phat Beach,” “The Color of Night” and last year’s triple play of “Kickin’ It Old Skool,” “Dead Silence” and “Epic Movie.” While “The Signal” is not the worst movie I’ve ever had the misfortune to sit through, it may resurface on 2008 Worst List.

Take my advice, I strongly recommend that unless you have nothing to do and you’re a glutton for cinematic punishment, stay away from “The Signal” – there’s no reception here!

Grade: F




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9 01 2009
The Worst Eleven Films of 2008 « FilmGordon

[…] The Signal This early season release about television transmitters that turn people into raging, lifeless sociopaths was the first movie that caused me physical discomfort during a viewing. Told in three parts with three different directors, this experimental artsy-fartsy horror tale was disjointed, nonsensical and just plain bad. The only saving grace from this ghastly tale was that it imitated a relationship with a film colleague who I tease to this day because he LIKED this story – and keeps trying to defend it! […]

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