Black Film Classics | Georgia, Georgia

20 02 2008

Before she recited poetry to uplift women and presidents, Maya Angelou also wrote a film, “Georgia, Georgia.” The story starred the fiery and beautiful Diana Sands as a diva in Europe.

The film is a provocative romantic drama that tells the story of singer, Georgia (Sands) who falls in love with a white photographer, Michael Winters (Dirk Benedict) while performing in Sweden. While the issue of miscegenation weighs heavily upon the proceedings, it is Georgia’s black travelling companion Alberta (Minnie Gentry), rather than Michael’s white friends, who is most upset by the interracial relationship. Alberta despises all whites with a vengeance, and it is her hatred that formulates the film’s explosive climax.

Although Sands would die prematurely several years later, her spirit and solid performance show that she truly was a “phenomenal woman” and how much of a force she would have been if she had lived. “Georgia, Georgia” suffers from being a film of its period, but still is solid entertainment when viewed today.




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20 02 2008
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