Black Film Classics | Let’s Do It Again

19 02 2008

Today’s cult classic is the second comedic pairing of Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby, the hilarious scam comedy, “Let’s Do It Again.”

The comedy tells the story of Clyde Williams (Poitier) and Billy Foster (Cosby), a couple of blue-collar workers in Atlanta who have promised to raise funds for their fraternal order, the Brothers and Sisters of Shaka. However, their method for raising the money involves traveling to New Orleans and rigging a boxing match. Using hypnotism, they turn the scrawny underdog (Jimmie Walker) into a super-confident fighting machine. They bet heavily on him, he wins easily, and they return to Atlanta with their money. All is fine until the gangsters conned by these two figure out what happened show up in Atlanta with a grudge. Now Williams and Foster have to rig the fight again so the gangsters can get their money back or they’ll be killed. Can they do it again…?

What can you say about a comedy that not only featured the talents of Poitier (who also directed), Cosby and Walker but also featured John Amos and sexy heartthrob Calvin Lockhart. Also, be sure to check out the credits for a cameo from of one of the true 1970s super-beauties, Jayne Kennedy.

Plus, the movie impressed a young Christopher Wallace who adopted his famous moniker, “Biggie Smalls,” from one of the characters in this film.




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