Reel Shorts | Step Up 2 The Streets

16 02 2008

Watching “Step Up 2 The Streets” was like being sucked into a never-ending wormhole of several decades of repetitive dance movies thrown into a blender. The end result is a mishmash of familiar clichés resulting in a laughably bad movie.

“Step Up” star Tyler Channing appears briefly to set up this sequel and his early departure should have been a sign that it was time for the audience to also “step off.”

What he leaves us with is the overly familiar story about a break dancing outsider, Andie (Briana Evigan) trying to fit into an elite Baltimore Arts School. Dancing with hottest “crew” in the area, the 4-1-0, Andie’s new school responsibilities rub crew leader, Tuck (Black Thomas) the wrong way. After being booted out of the 4-1-0, Andie hooks up with a group of misfits to form a new crew that ultimately must battle her old crew for break dance supremacy – on the streets!

This movie rips off so many other movies, it’s hard to keep count. “Saturday Night Fever,” “Footloose,” “Beat Street,” “Breakin’,” “You Got Served,” “Save The Last Dance” – you get the idea.

To make matters worst, the film strips the Black and Latin influences from the film’s cast showing the culture in a less than credible way. It’s finale is utterly ridiculous and just gives the filmmakers a chance to show dance choreography in the rain. We never see our protagonist even remotely practice the steps used less more can believe their execution. On a personal note, haven’t we been watching break dance movies since the 1980s? At what point will Hollywood find a new dance craze to film?

The film also commits the ultimate sin – it’s dance steps aren’t even hot!

What you’re left with is a utterly forgettable film that doesn’t make you move and leaves you feeling like YOU got served – again!

Grade: F




2 responses

15 09 2008

Hi the people that hate or dislike step up 2 you all have no taste in movies. I LOVE this movie it is the bestest movie EVER. Robert (Chase) along with his co-star Briana (Andi) they can dance like crazy. The dancing is the best part about the whole movie the dances are amazing. i would like to c u do them. step up 2 the streets has the most amazing dances i have ever seen. how about you try to dance like briana or robert or any other of the step up to dancers.

‘This movie rips off so many other movies, it’s hard to keep count. “Saturday Night Fever,” “Footloose,” “Beat Street,” “Breakin’,” “You Got Served,” “Save The Last Dance” – you get the idea’. to who ever said this you have some issues and just shut yourself down cause all these movies ri eachother off to? SHUT DOWN.


30 09 2008

andy te amo

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