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8 02 2008

If one had a dollar for every scene in “Fool’s Gold” that Matthew McConaughey was seen on screen with his shirt off, at least you would have something to show for “comedy” that never gets out of first gear.

Reteaming with “How To Lose A Man in 10 Days” co-star, Kate Hudson, the two play a battling husband and wife team (maybe) in pursuit of a 300-year old sunken Spanish treasure. From the outset when Ben (McConaughey) sinks his own boat missing which prevents him from getting to his divorce preceedings with his wife Tess (Hudson) on time to trying to make a deal to save his hide from “scary” hip-hop producer, “Bigg Bunny (“Soul Plane’s” Kevin Hart), the story takes one bad turn after another.

This awful screenplay from writer/director Andy Tennant tries to combine elements from “Romancing the Stone” with “National Treasure” and fails miserably on all counts. You would think a film with two attractive leads from an earlier film would generate some heats or at least some sparks, but the re-paring of McConaughey and Hudson create the opposite. Their on-screen misadventures are reminicent of Richard Gere and Julia Roberts trying to recreate their “Pretty Woman” magic in the woeful, “Runaway Bride.”

While Ben and Tess chase underwater riches, millionaire Nigel Honeycutt (Donald Sutherland) tries to reconnect with his attractive but shallow and dimwitted daughter, Gemma (Alexis Dziena). Their exchanges are better than watching McConaughey and Hudson.

Even the sight of a swollen, disinterested Malcolm Jamal-Warner in a brief role further underscores that one would be a fool to even think about sitting through this silly, misconceived idea of a film. The only enjoyment one could derive from this film would be to play the drinking game with the bare-chested McConaughey. It least that would be entertaining!

Grade: D




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9 02 2008
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