Reel Shorts | Over Her Dead Body

1 02 2008

Sexy star Eva Longoria Parker has built an impressive reputation as a small sexual kitten. She transfers her “Desperate Housewives” persona to the big screen in the cute but forgettable comedy, “Over Her Dead Body.”

The film opens on the day of a wedding between the controlling and bossy Kate (Longoria Parker) and her mild-mannered fiance, Henry (Paul Ruud). While trying to oversee the final details, Kate meets her end when she gets “crushed by an angel.” Stuck in an angelic holding area, Kate finds out that she has unfinished business but because she was bossy, even in death, she doesn’t find out what that business actually is.

As time goes by Henry has retreated into a reclusive shell. Concerned that her brother needs closure to move on, his sister Chloe arranges for him to meet with Anne (Lake Bell) the psychic who will communicate that message to Henry.

Through a series of misadventures, betrayals and good old-fashioned miscommunications, Anne mistakenly falls for Henry much to the chagrin of bitchy ghost, Kate.

Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg mined similiar material into an award-winning tearjerker in “Ghost.” The only jerk in this film is the diminutive Longoria Parker whose inability to listen and me-first attitude is not endearing. Ruud dials in another in a series of understated comedic performances. Newcomer Bell largely carries the action but the script places her in many situations that for someone with supposed psychic ability clearly go over her head.

The only saving grace would have been if the sexy Longoria Parker would have been allowed to add some sex appeal to the film, but even that was not in the script and minus that element there’s not much else here. When you add it up the flaws in the story and the misuse of the film’s star, the end result may be that it will be audiences that will be ghost.

Grade: D




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12 01 2009
The Worst Eleven Films of 2008 « FilmGordon

[…] Over Her Dead Body For all of the people who wonder why Mrs. Tony Parker (Eva Longoria) is only getting work on “Desperate Housewives,” one only needs to check out this absurd comedy from early last year. Playing a straight BEYATCH, Longoria spends the majority of the film as a ghost who tries to match up her surviving husband with a flighty fortune teller. It was ironic that Longoria role and performance were so in sync because she was DOA and sleepwalking through this tired, wretched tale. You would think that if the sexiest asset your film has is this Latina lovely, why cover her up? […]

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