BET “Kills” The B-Girls!

1 02 2008

According to published reports, Ronald McDonald has accomplished something that no boycott ever was successful at – getting BET to remove some sex from it’s site.

McDonald’s asked BET to remove its ads from a section of their Web site titled “B-Girls,” which encouraged women to send in appealing photos of themselves, with many featuring risqué clothing and suggestive poses.

The request from McDonalds appears to have prompted the removal of the “B-Girls” section entirely, which took place around Jan. 16. However, BET released a statement saying the removal had always been planned and was “unrelated” to “any advertiser feedback, of which there was none.”

Contrary to BET’s statement, McDonald’s said in a release that it “reached out to BET to express our concerns and to ensure that this placement does not happen in the future.” McDonald’s, which contacted BET via its media agency, also said that the content “in no way represents the values of our brand.”

However, have no fear – there’s still the Jet Magazine “Beauty of the Week” (page 43) and you can come here to look at our “Eye Candy!”

P.S. That’s the lovely Esther Baxter!




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