Reel Shorts | Rambo

25 01 2008

Sylvester Stallone may be many things, but dumb surely is not one of them. Twenty five years after “First Blood,” Stallone sends his hero out in bloody style in the action-packed, but brain dead, “Rambo.”

Much like his last “Rocky” film, it appears that Stallone is on a mission to play each of his iconic characters one last time while he still has the chance. This latest film finds him revisiting one of his more celebrated roles, but clearly with more freedom to amp up the body count in ways that he couldn’t even imagine the first time around.

The film finds Rambo living a secluded and sheltered life in Burma content to boat, fish and mind his own business. This would have been fine if he is not approached by a group of missionaries that need our quiet hero to take them upstream. While he agrees to assist, he warns the group that “they won’t change anything.” Of course they don’t listen and find themselves captive in the middle of a bloody ethnic cleansing campaign engineered by a gay, sadistic Burmanese officer.

When the group comes up missing, Rambo must return with a group of mercenaries to retrieve the unfortunate hostages. This is just an excuse for Stallone’s Rambo to use any means necessary to rack up the highest body count seen on film since 1969’s “The Wild Bunch.”

Stallone co-wrote as well as directed this film which will be an early favorite for a 2009 Razzies. His acting is poor and puffed up on steroids, Stallone looked like he even wished he was somewhere else – that is until the killing starts.

“Rambo” is an experience best enjoyed with a group of friends that can appreciate some of the absolutely ludicrous situations that Stallone sets up. Not for the faint of heart, but under the right circumstances, I can see the film’s sheer animal attraction.

With that said, bring on “Cobra.”

Grade: D+




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26 01 2008
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