Trailer Park | The Air I Breathe

24 01 2008

From “Grand Canyon” to the Oscar-winning film, “Crash,” Hollywood continually gives us stories that help us understand that we are all interconnected. The point is driven home again in the upcoming film, “The Air I Breathe.”

The film evolves in four short fables in which characters collide with fate — and each other make up this beautiful looking story. Boasting a brilliant ensemble cast, the film is inspired by a Chinese proverb that breaks life down into four key emotions — Happiness, Sorrow, Pleasure, and Love — and each vignette is built around a character who embodies one of these key emotions.

The talented ensemble cast includes Oscar Winner Forest Whitaker, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Oscar-nominee Andy Garcia, Emile Hirsch, Brendan Fraser, Kevin Bacon and Julie Delpy. Can’t speak for the film’s chances, but when these types of films are done well they’re very effective.

Grade: A




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24 01 2008
Reel Suave

The Air I breathe

Sometimes the things we can’t change…end up changing us.

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