Reel Shorts | Mad Money

18 01 2008

Ten years ago, Queen Latifah was rough lesbian who robbed banks with her three childhood friends in, “Set It Off.” Ten years later, Latifah is back at it again with two new ladies in the cute comedy, “Mad Money.”

Affluent housewife, Bridget (Diane Keaton) is living the good life until she finds out that her husband is awash in debt. Forced to go back to work, Bridget gets a job working at the Federal Reserve where she hatches an idea to steal money before its destroyed.

Unfortunately, she needs help and she recruits hard nosed Nina (Latifah) and flighty Jackie (Katie Holmes) and before you know it, the three are rolling in the dough. But ultimately greed and bad judgment undermine the trio as an undercover agent gets on their trail.

This “Nine to Five” meets “Dead Presidents” is a better January showcase for Keaton than last year’s disaster, “Because I Said So,” but that’s not saying much. Latifah again acquits herself well continuing her streak of solid performances in films that she doesn’t produce. After a three-year absence, Holmes is okay in her offbeat role.

“Mad Money” offers mild, yet forgettable entertainment that will be in and quickly out of theaters soon to resurface on DVD before summer. The ladies steal so much money that they have trouble knowing when to stop. Much in the same way that Hollywood can’t get enough of shoving bad stories/films at an audience that probably has had enough.

Grade: C-




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