Reel Shorts | 27 Dresses

18 01 2008

Nothing says comedy like wedding humor. Whether crashing, planning or having cold feet, Hollywood loves to make fun of wedding ceremonies. Fresh off the success of last summer’s comedy, “Knocked Up,” Katherine Heigl stars in the latest wedding adventure, “27 Dresses.”

Jane (Heigl) is the consumate bridesmaid. She LOVES planning weddings and if the early stages of this film are any indication, she’s also very good at it. She’s got this wedding thing on lockdown, attending two weddings – and receptions, literally at the same time!

But for someone who loves being in weddings, she has no time for a love of her own. Although she secretly is in love with her hunky boss, George (Ed Burns), she can’t bring herself to tell him. But when her younger sister, Tess (Malin Akerman) returns and soon has designs on George, Jane begins to reexamine her life.

In the midst of all of this drama, Jane meets Kevin (James Marsden) who just happens to write a wedding column and is working on a piece about a woman who has been a bridesmaid in 27 weddings. Can Jane find happiness?

“27 Dresses” has an engaging star, Heigl, adequate conflict and is a serviceable romantic comedy. The problem is that the film lacks creativity, originality and is just too familiar for it’s own good. After you look in Jane’s closet and see her outrageous wedding gowns, the story has reached its apex.

If you seen enough of these comedies, you can predict the outcome. Heigl is the only reason to see this film, but sadly her presence isn’t enough to save this or see this film. Heres to 27 minutes of life that I’ll never get back.

Grade: D




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