Reel Shorts | Cloverfield

18 01 2008

After months of pre-film hype and mystery, horror film, “Cloverfield” makes it’s long-waited debut. The concept and execution works well, but it’s clear that you need to check your brain at the door, so that the absence of logic doesn’t drive you crazy.

The story, which takes place one fateful night, begins with the discovery of a video tape titled, “Cloverfield.” It clear that government officials are watching it’s content to discern the aftermath of a night gone terribly wrong. What they (and us) see is a the planning and early stages of a going away party that gets interrupted by something frighteningly and totally unexpected.

Rob (Michael Stahl-David) has accepted a V.P. job in Japan and his close friends are giving him a surprise party. He gets an early surprise when his ex, , shows up with another man. After a heated confrontation, Rob “dismisses” her without revealing his true feelings. All of Rob’s issues are quickly placed on the back burner when the island of Manhattan begins to shake, rattle and roll.

As people search for news of the “earthquake,” a power ball explodes and all hell breaks loose in New York.

Where’s Will Smith when you need him?

While officials are trying to evacuate mid-town Manhattan, my man Rob is determined to save his ex, even at the expense of logic – and the lives of his friends. While common sense dictates for them to leave, the group blindly follow Rob on his quest to “save” Becky.

Producer J.J. Abrams has taken the best of the old-school Godzilla films and figured out a way to place humans squarely in the action with a 21st century twist. His concept works well as an action movie, but much of it makes absolutely no sense, whatsoever.

Our group of heroes do everything they can to place themselves in harm’s way, with terrible consequences. By the time we get to the film’s payoff, the combination of non-stop action, jarring camera movement and sense of tragic inevitability give this film cult-film status.

“Cloverfield” is an experience that is best appreciated on the big screen. This “Blair Witch Project” meets “Godzilla” is the sum of it’s massive parts – some good, some bad. Abrams has managed to make a film where the action so overwhelms the story that actors truly don’t matter. Appreciate and marvel at the special effects but don’t go looking for a plausible story.

Grade: C+




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19 01 2008
[No spoilers] Cloverfield - Gender Views

[…] advice to you is to use ear plugs, not to read any detailed reviews, and to go watch the film at a theater near you. I am happy I did. 8/10 golden piggies Posted in Movie reviews Comments 0 Total […]

22 01 2008
Reel Suave

Did Cloverfield live upto the Hype?

Most of the action is up to the viewer who will use the shadowed image and distorted sound as an adrenaline stimulant as effectively as he wishes.

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