Trailer Park | Teeth

2 01 2008

We are two days into the New Year and I think it’s safe to say officially that I have seen it all!

Back in the early 1990s, there was a film about a woman, who was demonically possessed killing men she took home for one-night stands in “Def By Temptation.” In 2005, a older man is taught a lesson by a teenage girl, almost being castrated in the psychological thriller, “Hard Candy.”

Now a woman who has teeth in her vagina is wearing out prospective suitors in the upcoming horror film, “Teeth.” No further explanation is needed, just check out the trailer.





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9 01 2009
The Worst Eleven Films of 2008 « FilmGordon

[…] Teeth How bad was this story of a small-town girl who discovers that the reason she is a virgin is because everytime someone puts anything in her “nappy dugout” she has special gift of “biting it off.” While the concept could have had limited success, NO GUY wants to check out a film where male genitalia is being chomped off. The end scene where a dog eats a discarded member had to be one of the most disturbing images of the past year – which is why we shared it with you! […]

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