Battle to the Finish | Kim Kardashian vs. Karrine Steffans

27 12 2007

In the “garden tool” edition of Battle to the Finish, which lady woman outdid the other in the race to sleep with more celebrities men?

In the Black corner, with two books published, a small porn tape online and a list of celebrity lovers in music, sports and film is . . . Karrine “Superhead” Steffans (who we affectionately call “The Head”).

In the red corner, with a reality show, an online tape with D-list celebrity Ray-J and currently in a relationship with a Heisman trophy winning running back in the “Big Easy” (Reggie Bush) is the heir apparent to JLo’s crown as “Backdoor Sally” is . . . Kim Kardashian.

Which “tool” reigned supreme in 2007?




One response

7 07 2008

They have been around the BLOCK…Karrine wins though. She had Usher. Plus she is actually pretty and didn’t need a fake ass to make it big. She has a pretty face.
It’s sad though women feel the need to leak out sexual encounters. Everyone has sex ladies unless you want to be a porn star keep yo damn sexcapades private!!

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