Trailer Park | Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

14 12 2007

If it’s February, it must be time to roll out more Black ghetto tales.

The latest film passing itself off as a comedy is “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins.” (Damn that title sucks!) In the film, Roscoe Jenkins (Martin Lawrence) returns home after nine years to attend a family reunion. In no time, he is reminded why he stayed away all of these years.

Littered with a collection of C-level talent (Mo’ Nique, Cedric the Entertainer and Michael Epps), “Roscoe Jenkins” looks like a “bad” Tyler Perry movie mixed with “The Johnson Family Vacation” (which also starred Cedric). Lawrence plays the straight man for once, but he still looks damn uncomfortable – even in the trailer!Somebody please tell me what is funny about Mo’ Nique scrapping the “husk” off her feet at the table? Sure it’s nasty and gross, just not funny.

If this film is a hit, I’m sure there somebody ready to pitch “Leroy Johnson Has Come and Gone.” Thank god for Magic Johnson Theaters!

Trailer Grade: D




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