Trailer Park | Speed Racer

12 12 2007

From the opening strains of the theme music to a newly-stylized 21st century re-imagining, the trailer for the upcoming summer film, “Speed Racer” seems just a little off. Directed by the Wachowski Brothers (“The Matrix Trilogy” and “V for Vendetta”), the trailer looks like a pop-cultured stylized potpourri that will either have many admirers or many haters.

The key to whether or not the film works will be in how the races are captured along with the corny dialogue that is sure to be in this adaptation. The trailer doesn’t make my heart race to see it tomorrow, but I’ll keep an open mind – and wait for the second trailer. Let’s hope that Trailer #2 will have more of my man, Racer X!

Trailer Grade: C-




One response

12 12 2007

Looks like the cartoon on Extacy and isn’t that the kid from ‘Alpha Dog’? It looks like a BIG movie that has to be scene in the theaters because of all the sound and colors. The hype hasn’t started, but I’m really looking forward to seeing Racer X again. He was my man back in the day!

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