Reel Shorts | The Perfect Holiday

12 12 2007

Queen Latifah is an enigma. The Oscar-nominee is great in other projects (“Chicago,” “Hairspray” and Set It Off), but her production company, “Flava Unit, produces serious crap. Her latest film, “The Perfect Holiday,” is just another example of an unoriginal idea done poorly.

This holiday fable opens with good and evil, played by Latifah and poor Terrence Howard dueling with souls as sport. They take a break as the story of a separated housewife, Nancy (Gabrielle Union) is raising her three children overworked and under-appreciated looking for some holiday cheer. Her daughter overhears her unhappiness and shares the dilemma with the mall Santa, Benjamin (Morris Chestnut) who just happens to be the “Chocolate Drop” himself. While harbors fantasies of producing music, Benjamin is working the Santa gig until he can get one of his songs produced – hopefully by rap star J Jizzy (Charlie Murphy) who just so happens to be the ex-husband of . . . Nancy!

Draped in predictability and featuring a sub-par script with plenty of bad acting to go around it is left to the individual talents of comedians such as Faizon Love, Katt Williams and Murphy. Not one of them is talented enough to rise above such abysmal material and after awhile you are almost begging for an end, any ending, to wrap this miserable film up.

What in the hell convinced Howard that this project seemed like a good idea? I guess that after starring in several other films this year, he decided to hook up his management company by lending his name to this waste of time. Remember that film is eternal and just because it’s gone, doesn’t mean that it’s forgotten.

While Latifah may be have the talent to keep her name on the A-List, my advice would be to elevate the material that she puts her name on that makes it to the big screen. Judging from her earlier debacle, “The Cookout” and this film, Santa may not give Latifah a present this Christmas. She and her cohorts have already ruined “The Perfect Holiday.”

Grade: D-




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