Reel Shorts | Saw IV

26 10 2007

After three gory and tortuous films, one would think that audiences have had enough of “Saw.” Apparently not because the franchise’s fourth film, “Saw IV” returns to theaters and gives fans more of the expected. Even from the grave, Jigsaw creates enough chaos and mayhem to keep the horror-movie cash coming in.From the outset of the film, it is revealed that Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) is dead. While gone, he ensures that he will not be forgotten because of a tape recorded message that is found in his stomach. Jigsaw’s last message thrusts you into the mind of a truly brilliant madman.

The film serves as a prequel taking viewers back to show how Jigsaw’s sick, twisted game began. In his world, his logic is that he wants his victims to have to make choices on what they will give up to live. He also understands that in desperate times, people make desperate choices. In flashbacks, we discover the anal-retentive pre-murdering Jigsaw a.k.a. John who loses it when his wife suffers a miscarriage in an unfortunate accident. His reaction to the death of his unborn son makes him go crazy and places everybody in jeopardy. His primary mission becomes teaching people to cherish their fragile lives.

He finds an unwilling subject in Detective Riggs, (Lyriq Bent) whose primary fault is that he wants to save everyone. His obsession ultimately costs him his wife. Unfortunately for Riggs, Jigsaw uses his weakness against him pitting him against some unsuspecting victims.

While not a huge fan of films that feature excessive blood and senseless violence, “Saw IV” gets credit for its clever concept. While difficult on those who have weak stomachs and nerves, the series does a great job of giving audiences a cinematic rollercoaster ride. By the time the film ends, you’ll find yourself with two nagging questions; will the brother survive and what the hell is going on with that freaky doll? For the answers, I guess you’ll have wait for Saw V.

Grade: C




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