Reel Shorts | Why Did I Get Married

15 10 2007

When entertainment dynamo Tyler Perry first burst on the scene several years ago with his debut film, the sometimes crude comedy, “Diary of a Mad Black Woman,” my initial impression was that his films were like his stage plays and he would have a hard time translating that success to the big screen. But his latest film, “Why Did I Get Married” shows that Perry has staying power and is easily his most accomplished film to date.

This story of four young, troubled couples who get together annually for a one-week retreat snap, crackles and ultimately pops when one of the husbands brings his mistress along for the trip. That action along with unspoken secrets from the other couples culminates in an explosive dinner table scene that is high drama as you’ve seen a any movie this year.

In a cast full of recognizable faces, the standout is none other than Jill Scott. Much in the way that Loretta Devine and Jennifer Hudson stood out as the big girls in despair in “Waiting To Exhale” and “Dreamgirls,” Scott radiates with sadness as the overweight wounded wife who is danger of losing her husband. Will she get a second chance at love? If you know anything about Perry’s films, you surely wouldn’t bet against it.

Perry’s script is not new but it is his fresh approach to the material that separates this film from some of his earlier work. There is enough believable dialogue and situations that many members of his core audience will surely be satisfied. While not on the level of Spike Lee, John Singleton or Antoine Fuqua, Perry has indeed stepped up his game. Although “Why Did I Get Married is not a perfect movie it is an enjoyable one nonetheless.

Grade: B




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