Reel Shorts| I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

21 07 2007

For close to 20 years, Adam Sandler has used his trademark wit and biting sarcasm to star in a host of films in addition to a successful career performing sketch comedy on “Saturday Night Live.” The frat boy who never grew up, Sandler’s latest film will even test the patience of his true fans with his latest comedy, “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.”

Larry (Kevin James) and his best friend Chuck (Sandler) are New York firemen, living very different lives. While Larry is home raising his two kids, with the help of the nanny from Hell, Chuck is living a true player lifestyle, sleeping with as many women as he can accommodate. Afraid that his dangerous job may leave his children unprotected, Larry talks his best friend into forming a domestic partnership as a gay couple.

Initially, the idea of two best friends living under the same roof doing their own thing works well. But an overly curious fraud investigator, Clifton Fitzer (Steve Buscemi) begins to take a closer look into their situation. Afraid that their lie may get them thrown behind bars, the two consult attorney, Alex McDonough (Jessica Biel) who instantly gets Chuck’s amorous attention. Can the two keep the lie going without being exposed? Will Chuck be able to keep away from the attractive McDonough, who opens up to deceitful player because she thinks he’s gay?

It’s easy to understand that the original idea for this film may have been funny to Sandler, but it feels like the type of movie that the Wayans Brother may have made. This one-joke pony is Sandler’s “Pootie Tang,” a film with a five-minute idea stretched to a two-hour film. In an addition, this equal opportunity offender targets gays, Asians, Blacks, fireman and people who like intelligent humor.

By the time intimidating Black fireman, Duncan (Ving Rhames) shows up and soon comes out of the closet inspired by Chuck and Larry’s example, the film had gone completely south. Any film that can make “Pulp Fiction’s” Marcellus Wallace gay is doing something really foul. The least-funniest Sandler film to date, “I Now Pronounce You Chuck in Larry” is hypocrisy at it’s hightest level. While it purports to preach tolerance it wallows in a cesspool that is at times tasteless, humorless and ultimately clueless.

Grade: C-




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