Reel Shorts | Waitress

4 05 2007

Every summer nestled among the big budget action films and countless sequels are small hidden gems. The summer’s candidate is the feel-good fairytale, “Waitress.”

Kerri Russell stars as Jenna, a woman who works in a pie diner by day and is married to an ogre of a husband, Jeremy Sisto. A “pie genius,” Jenna escapes the sadness and chaos in her life by constantly concocting different pie recipes in her head that are served in the diner. Featuring a strong cast including, “Curb Your Enthusiasm’s” Cheryl Hines, Adrienne Shelly and Andy Griffith, Jenna has resigned herself to a life filled with unhappiness.

Suddenly Jenna discovers she is pregnant, which doesn’t sit well with her or her controlling husband. While on a routine doctor visit, she meets the town’s new MD, the handsome, quirky Dr. Pomatter and in no time the sparks fly between the two. With a baby on the way that she doesn’t want, forbidden love in the air and pies baking in the oven, will Jenna live happily ever after?

Shelly, who was murdered earlier this year, has created a lush beautiful film that will surely do for pies what “Sideways” did for Pinot Noir. Russell soars in the lead role giving a wonderful sweet effective performance; we feel her pain; cheer her triumphs and wish that we can taste her delicious looking pies.

If you need a respite from standard summer fare, you can enjoy a wonderful tasty slice of cinematic heaven in “Waitress.”

Grade: B+




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