Reel Shorts | Redline

13 04 2007

Back in January, I had the misfortune of seeing the absolute worst film of 2007: 90 excruciating minutes of “Epic Movie.” If it had not been for that cinematic low point, “Redline” would most certainly claim my “Worst Film” title. This mishmash of fast cars, half-naked women, incredibly bad dialogue and horrible acting should not be wished on anyone’s worst enemy.

The story revolves around a group of high-rolling gamblers who place large stakes on car races in various locations. These “thrill-seekers” bet incredibly large sums of money on simple car races. We initially meet Infamous (the driving-impaired, Eddie Griffin) who is looking for a driver to race his car. We also meet our narrator and notoriously bad actress, Natasha (Nadia Bjorlin). Through several flashbacks, we find out that her racecar driving father was killed on the track. There is also the recently returned from Iraq soldier, Carlo (Nathan Phillips), the carefree uber-rich film producer, Jerry (Tim Matheson) and slightly deranged control freak, Michael (Angus Macfadyen).

This group of financial free-spirits embarks on a series of wild, unpredictable yet repetitive activities, all designed to showcase the beautiful collection of cars owned by the film’s producer, Daniel Sadek. Griffin, who was supposed to provide the comedy relief, dials in his performance while the others try to take the script’s lemons and turn them into lemonade. Good luck! One scene features Infamous, and his crew, 26,000 miles in the air getting into an altercation with a female friend. She commands him to “pull the plane over;” he obliges her by dropping off in the middle of nowhere and is back in the air.

In addition, it would help if the two lead characters who are supposed to be lovers had just a smidgen of chemistry that would make the audience believe they enjoyed being together. The only thing that saves the film from being a total zero is the cars; and even that gets tired and repetitive after awhile.

People throw around phrases like “bad” and the “worst,” but here it is truly applicable. “Redline” goes to the head of the lowlife class as one of the year’s worst films. Only an event of “Epic” proportion can keep it out of the top spot, but the year is still young.

Grade: F




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